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    Since this project began, this web site has been completely renovated a number of times. I thought I would add a page just to show all the versions that this web site has been through. Also, as a few people have noticed, sometimes information gets discarded in upgrades (usually to reduce clutter). So you may find valuable information on these pages as well.

The very first page
Launched 11-14-1999
oldweb1.jpg (54699 bytes)

This was where it all began! There was a navigation frame on the side that I will need to locate so that you can fully explore this site. During this period, I was creating diagrams for EVERYTHING, so you may find a lot of useful information there, including some dimesions!


Getting fancy with Java
Launched Late 2000
oldweb2.jpg (29990 bytes)

I was messing around with Java when I made this site, it's pretty simple, but it has two versions of the bill of materials including one that has photos and descriptions of most of the parts in my earlier sims. This web site also represents the beginning of my career as a graphical web designer.


Following the flood...
oldweb3.jpg (39774 bytes)

This site was meant to be more of a "show-off" site, than an instructional one. It was put together to represent the "New" 777 Project after the flood in June of 2001.


Version launched December 12, 2002

This has been the longest running, and most graphically appealing version of the site. It was only scrapped in favor of a dynamic database-driven web site. Otherwise, it contained a wealth of information.


Current Web site Launched March 4, 2008 (Obama Day)

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