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    Who would have thought that a flash flood would reclaim almost 3 years of work. We live in a neighborhood that hasn't had standing water in the streets in over 50 years, but somehow we ended up with almost 3 feet of water in our home. I was only able to salvage my main computer and my laptop, but the rest of my computers and equipment were completely submerged. My main computer had already been sitting in over an inch of water while still turned on (I got home after the flood had started), but somehow it still worked. The modem was damaged, but after replacing it, all was well.

water2.jpg (47486 bytes)

    I had to swim home at 4:00 a.m. in the morning after driving around for 4 hours trying to save my car. I arrived just in time to see my project sitting in a puddle of water with all my electronic sitting on the floor :( I had just completed my instrument panel with all operable instruments, and it was destroyed before I even got to take a picture of it. I tried to take pictures of my setup while it was in the water but, I forgot to use the flash!!! and the pictures came out black.

On the left is the sim room and you can see my MCP strut floating vertically while my center pedestal face is sitting safely on the rosewood desk. The picture on the right is a vague picture of my instrument setup. I know it's terriible quality, but I just wanted to show how far I had made it when the flood struck. Yuo can't see the Nav displays in this shot, but they are both operable as well.

water1.jpg (31643 bytes)

water3.jpg (36948 bytes)










And just so everyone knows, The 777 Project will still be in production! This time, I am rebuilding with only the best materials and I am pulling out all the stops this time. I hope to be finished with the project by November so I can participate in World Flight. In the meantime, the following additions are scheduled to be added to the new sim:

    BTW, we did have flood insurance (only as of last year!!!). We purchased it when they started building the two new stadiums and all the new parking lots and we figured that if it rained, there would be no place for the water to go. Well, we found out where it went <g>.

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