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Around summer of 2003, I was contacted by a company called Air Hollywood. Their 777 sound stage was in dire need of upgrades, and they wanted me to do it. With only 2 days of available on-site construction, completion of this project was nothing short of a miracle. Thanks to a great team of carpenters and painters, we were able to complete this project on time and beyond everybody's expectations!

In order to get the project done on time, they aquired a number of components directly from my sim. Some will be permanent, while some are on loan. The seats for instance were lended from my sim in exchange for professional painting. My center pedestal is gone for good, in favor of some "new" parts for my own sim.

This project is a true testament to how many different hardware and software items, from this new hobby, can be brought together professionally. Everything worked together great, and I certainly recommend these products to all other sim builders.


Participating Companies



Various shots of the sim. The lower two shots were taken with professional lighting.


Pro MFD and FreeFD are the primary applications powering this unit. Apparently, directors favor synoptics since they are very visual.



Some shots of the simulator with the actors in place and the set professionally illuminated. 777 pilots may notice some out of place panels on the aisle stand. This problem was a mixture of fitment problems and imminent deadlines.


Left: Cameras filming a movie scene through the removable rear wall of the sim. Director Jim Becket is visible. Right: Me operating the "Sim Control Station" during a movie shoot. I control the entire sim with one keyboard, mouse, and monitor in conjunction with a KVM mechanism.

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